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Took my daughter who is a high level basketball/softball athlete here. Staff was very knowledgeable and extremely nice. My daughter absolutely loved the sauna, cryotherapy, oxygen and leg compression sessions. Will definitely be going here a lot after those long tourney days.


Life changing! I had knee surgery in November and still experience some aches and pains. Since going to Zivel and using the Normatec and Cryotherapy, my symptoms are almost completely gone! I


I absolutely adore this place! After a strenuous workout or a stressful day at work, the cryotherapy and normatec compression therapy is just what I need.



Frequently Asked Questions

People often have questions before their first cryotherapy experience! We've taken the most asked question and put them together for you!

What do I wear?

Come with normal clothes to your appointment! We supply the socks, slippers, and gloves that you will wear in the chamber, and the robe you will wear from your dressing room!

How cold is it?

It does not even feel like a cold shower even though the air around you can get to -220 degrees! The difference is that it is a dry cold vs a wet cold, which allows for a safer, more relaxing experience!

Will it hurt?

It will not hurt at all. It will be cold, getting more cold as the minutes go by, but you will not even shiver. When you get out your body warms itself back up burning up to 600 calories!

How do I prepare?

The best thing to do is not to assume it will hurt or be too cold. When completed, everyone is really amazed at how easy it is and how seamless the process is! Everyone is surprised that's its not as cold as they think!

Should I not?

There are certain health conditions that may prevent you from completing cryotherapy. We will ask these prior to your first visit on a health questionnaire. If you have something on your list, you should consult your doctor.  
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