About Me

• Worked in Sports Production and Commercial Video Production for 15 years
• Produced MMA broadcasts and fight content from 2011-2019 at V3Fights
• Responsible for over 3,000 broadcast per year from budgeting, planning, to quality control
• Produce and Direct TV level broadcasts across the country every year
• 15 years experience filming in various locations, experience in all lighting formats and projects
• Plan, Produce, and Shoot commercial video projects all over the country
• Oversee contractual agreements for TV partners
• Manage multiple states and regions broadcast, including production partners and freelancers.
• 15 years experience editing in Adobe platforms
• Experience in creating and streamlining brand identities or broadcast graphics, for all industries
Nick Harmeier 
Founder of V3Fights (now CFFC)

Project: NFHS Network Broadcast Graphics

Role: Directly in Charge of Final Design

NFHS Network broadcast graphics re-design in 2019. We went through several phases of this design finally landing on something that was classic but modern minimalistic design for high school sports across the country.  The design had to also be adaptable to all Olympic sports not just one specific sport which presented challenges along the way. 

Projects: NFHS Network One on One Web Series

Role: Creative Director/Editor

During COVID, the NFHS Network had no events to broadcast so I lead a team of individuals and came up with a project to showcase different athletes across the country that were excelling in their respective sports. We filmed this in multiple different places, on zoom, and compiled everything together for a series. 

Project: 901FC Off the Pitch Webseries

Role: Producer/Director

901FC is the local USL Championship league team in Memphis, TN and our company, 85 Creative, was tasked with coming up with a web series that showcased the team on and off the field, making the players more relatable, to show the human side of the sport. 

Project: NFHS Network App Promo

Role: Creative Director/Editor

NFS Network launched an app for their customers to be able to watch live sports from anywhere. I was tasked to come up with a commercial that represented the network and all that it had to offer. I edited the video as well as all the of the 3D renderings inside of the project as well. 

Projects: V3Fights Promotional video

Role: Director of Photography/Editor

Our company,  85 Creative, was tasked by V3Fights to come up with a promotional video to showcase one of their fighters and some of the challenges that he faced leading up to this fight. I filmed and edited this video. 

Project: NFHS Network Promo

Role: Creative Director/Editor

NFHS Network yearly promo that is produced to showcase the network and everything it has to offer on the website for live streaming, this is one of the promotional videos that we came up with including the idea as well as the treatment of the sports inside the promo.

Project: NFHS Network Broadcast Graphics

Role: Creative Director/Editor

NFHS Network broadcast graphics re-design for the front ends, replay wipes, player and team front ends, matchup cappers, and generic cappers. I was in charge of coming up with the design and look for the TV package. We decided to go with a minimalist style and straight text package because in high school it can be challenging to get logos sometimes, so the graphics package had to be manipulated for all sports. 

Projects: NFHS Network Matchup Front End

Role: Creative Director/Editor

As part of the redesign for the NFHs Network TV broadcast graphics package we also designed a unique matchup capper that can be used on any sport at any level. With the capper being only text and graphics for the sport we would never be limited with low resolution logos. 

Project: The Old Forest Documentary

Role: Producer/Director

The Old Forest is a documentary series in conjunction with The Memphis Zoo in Memphis, TN.  The project is still on going, but we were tasked with coming up with a series that showcases Memphis Zoo's dedication to conservation and the urban growth within the city. 
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